DIY Thread Portraits

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Custom Thread Portraits


What are Thread Portraits?

They are portraits of people, pets, landscapes, … made with more than 3000 meters of thread interwoven between 320 nails.

Note: all works shown on this website are Thread Portraits made by us.

Do you want to make a unique gift that will leave everybody in awe?  Thread Portraits are singular and original artworks that immediately become the center of attention.

We can make Thread Portraits of people, pets and landscapes. We just need you to send us a photograph of the subject to represent and we will take care of the rest.

Each Thread Portrait is a unique piece made of:

  • A wood frame
  • 320 nails
  • 4500 – 6500 segments of black thread (a continuous thread of 3000 – 4000 meters!).

We import the slimest and strongest yarn on the market, between 5 and 9 times thinner than conventional yarn, thus achieving maximum detail, delicacy and smoothness in the gradients. Our goal is to get the maximum fidelity and elegance of the resulting artwork.

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