DIY Audrey Ø 20 cm


Do you like jigsaw puzzles? You will love making your own Thread Portrait!

This DIY Box comes with all you need to make your own at home in just a few hours: pre-drilled canvas, pins, thread, numbers template and full instructions and sequence to follow to make your 20 cm Audrey. No tools needed.


After the successful launch of the first DIY Box on October 2019 in Barcelona, we have decided to extend our offer of DIY sets for all Thread Portraits aficionados.

    • Outer diameter: 20 cm
    • Nails: 136
    • Thread: around 250m of super thin and strong thread
    • Steps: from 700 to 1400


Expect to spend around 5-7 hours building this portrait. Did you think that this was an herculean task? We have made specifically made our DIY Boxes so the process is rewarding and enjoyable:

    • It’s not a matter of weeks, but hours. You should expect taking around 5 hours spread across a few evenings. Comparable to making a 500-1000 puzzle.
    • We engineer our DIY Boxes so you can see the main features of the portrait as soon as possible and they are refined as you keep going.
    • You’ll get a perfectly fine portrait at 700 steps (comparable to a drawing), but go ahead until 1400 to get a more realistic result.

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